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Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida After School Zone provides after school programming for Horizon West Middle School students for FREE. Registration is required for participation. For more information please visit the following website:

After School Zone with the Boys and Girls Club at Horizon West Middle School is a fun safe place for students to do homework, hang out with friends, and learn new skills. We offer clubs during the school year like:

  • Power Hour: A quiet focused place to complete homework. We offer this club daily.

  • Sports: Students rotate on different days to play basketball, soccer, matt ball etc. This gives them a chance to practice and improve at their sport, or just to enjoy physical activity with other students. We offer this club daily.

  • Video Games: Students love to go to video games and hang out with friends while they participate in competition and play together in person. We offer this club weekly.

These clubs are offered on a quarter-by-quarter basis, based on student interest and staff abilities:

  • Cooking Club: Students learn basic cooking (and cleaning) skills, all while they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

  • Tabletop: Students get together in small groups to role play and improve different characters, as they go on a journey together and solve mysteries. 

  • Art: Students get a chance to draw, paint, and create based on their own interests.

  • STEM: Students engage in team and individual competitions as they practice their engineering skills. 

  • Photography Club: Students learn the basics of photography, plan shoots, and take the pictures!

  • Anime Club: A place where enthusiasts may comfortably share their love and knowledge about Japanese animation (known as anime). They will participate in cosplay and crafts. Everything is age appropriate, and permission slips are included. 

  • Film Club: Students who like different types of movies come and watch and discuss different, age-appropriate movies. They discuss themes and breakdown choices made by the director and producers. 

  • Finance: (Summer Only Club) Students learn the basics of money and participate in a made-up financial market. 

  • Book Club: Students with similar interests read and discuss novels of their choice. 

  • Race To Mars: (Summer Only Club) A boys only STEM club where students explore how humans could travel to Mars, and then plan the practicalities of getting there. 

  • SIGMA: (Summer Only Club) A girls only STEM club where students learn about different STEM careers and participate in science experiments related to those career paths. 

  • Team Building (Summer Only Club) Students work together to win challenges, practice teamwork skills, and have fun with their teammates. 

  • T.O.R.C.H Club: Students are selected. They plan and participate in quarterly community service projects, as well as help around club. These students are often the face of our program as they are the first new members meet when they are joining us in club. (rising 7th and rising 8th graders only)

  • Robotics: Is coming in 2023-2024 school year! 

For more information, contact Kathryn McCallister at [email protected]