How to Register:

To enroll your Student at Horizon West MS you must have ALL PRINTED COPIES of the required documents before you make the appointment for registration, and you must bring all printed documents required to register to the appointment. If you do not have ALL the documents, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Step 1: Fill out all registration packet

Step 2: Print and Complete Grade Level Course Request.
6th Grade Course Request
7th Grade Course Request
8th Grade Course Request

Step 3:  Print and complete the Student Code of Conduct.

Step 4: Bring ALL required documentation with you to the school at your appointment time. Once again, If you do not have ALL required documents, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Your appointment will be IN PERSON with the Registrar, LaSaintee Curry. 

Any questions regarding the appointments please call 407-554-1570 ext.5412240 or email [email protected].

Required documentation to bring with you to your appointment: 

  • Completed registration packet
  • Grade Level Course Request
  • Student Code of Conduct (enrolling after
  •  Student birth certificate
  • Student's passport (if applicable)
  • Government picture ID for registering parent (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Divorce decree and /or Parenting Plan or Educational Guardianship from OCPS Student Enrollment  (if applicable)
  • If you are not the Legal Guardian/Parent and the child is residing with you, and you are going to enroll, court documentation is required or you can apply for Educational Guardianship with OCPS -


  • *Address Validation (Specific information noted in the section below. Please ensure you have all necessary documentation depending on your group.)
  • Vaccination record on FL680 form and proof of physical within last year. (A Tdap vaccination is required for all 7th graders.)
  • Academic history (transcript and/or last report card) for each completed grade level and current for 6th to 8th grade.  MUST BRING during appointment.
    - If your child is entering 6th grade, we need 5th grade final report card or transcript and current 6th grade transcript (if applicable)
    - If your child is entering 7th grade, we need 6th grade final report card or transcript and current 7th grade transcript (if applicable)
    - If your child is entering 8th grade, we need 6th grade and 7th grade final report card or transcript and current 8th grade transcript (if applicable)
  • Special education information (IEP, 504, etc.)

*Address Validation Requirements:
Provide the following at a minimum:
• If home ownership: Current Homestead Exemption Card, current property tax statement, closing contract, or warranty deed along with current utility bill, ID with current address, and current mail.
• If renting/leasing: Current signed lease, ID with current address, current utility bill, rent payments, current mail, and renters’ insurance.
• If living with someone who owns or rents the home: Verification of address* is required:
When a parent or guardian does not have a lease or proof of home ownership in his/her name, it is necessary to receive a Verification of Residence* -- a notarized statement issued by the office of Student Enrollment. (website/appointment below)


For example, if you SHARE the housing of another person who owns/rents the home, you must submit the following documents (at a minimum) to the Office of Student Enrollment:

The owner/renter of the residence must submit a Driver’s License/ID (with current address), and at least one additional document from Group A below;

Group A Documents:

  • Property Tax Bill
  • Homestead Exemption Card
  • Deed
  • Home Purchase Contract
  • Signed Current Lease Agreement

The registering parent must submit a Florida Driver’s License/ID with current address and at least three documents from Group B below. All documents must be current, valid, and include the residential address used for enrollment.

Group B Documents:

  • Current Utility Bill (i.e., Electric, Water, Waste)
  • Current Telephone or Cell Phone Bill
  • Current Cable/Satellite Bill
  • Current Automobile Registration
  • Automobile or Health Insurance Card
  • Current Credit Card Statement
  • Current Bank Account Statement
  • Current Paystub
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Private Mail (within last month)
  • Official Mail (within last month)
  • U.S. Postal Service Confirmation of Address Change Request
  • Last Three Months of Rent Payments

**Additional documents may be required. Office of Student Enrollment may require more documentation such as proof of detachment from previous address (i.e. termination of lease, final power bill/water bill, etc.)

Have ALL documents to enroll before you book your appointment.

If you have not completed the Withdrawal Request Form and submitted it to [email protected] or turn it in at the school, please go to 

  • Click on School Information
  • Scroll down to Withdrawal Form
  • Print complete
  • Email form and a copy of parent ID to:  [email protected]

Your appointment slot is for ONE child. If you have multiple children registering/withdrawing at our school, you will need to schedule multiple appointment slots. One appointment slot per child.

Make an appointment for registration or withdrawal at the link below then follow the steps: